Rock Control provides a full suite of geotechnical and civil construction services throughout New Zealand. We have invested in a range of quality plant to deliver efficient solutions in both horizontal and vertical environments, along with the knowledge and capacity to provide contingency should unexpected conditions arise.


Ground Anchoring and Drilling

In the wake of the devastating Christchurch earthquakes Rock Control has quickly become a leading supplier to the SCIRT Delivery Teams for a variety of ground anchoring and civil construction projects. Our experienced crews can deliver projects to meet stringent British Standards for corrosion protection and acceptance testing in any environment.
• Soil Nails
• Rock Bolting
• Self Drilling Anchors
• Mechanical Ground Anchors
• Drainage Drilling

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Rock Control has a range of pumps and hosing to suit a range of grouting applications. Our experienced crew and flow metres ensure accurate batching and quality assurance.
• Anchor Grouting
• Colloidal Mixing
• Void Filling

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Retaining Structures

Rock Control has extensive experience constructing and remediating a range of retaining walls throughout New Zealand. We have the capability to undertake complex geotechnical projects without subcontracting critical anchoring or façade work - our professional crew take quality seriously to construct high-spec retaining structures with an immaculate finish.
• MSE / GCS Walls
• In-Situ Concrete Walls
• Remedial Work
• Timber Walls
• Temporary Works

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Bridges and Tracks Structures

We love going bush and building bridges! Rock Control has a wealth of experience in remote access drilling and construction of swing / suspension bridges and other track structures. Our proven drilling capability ensures critical drilling work is carried out with efficiency and security.
• Swing / Suspension Bridges
• Timber Structures

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Shotcrete Application

Rock Control are experts in shotcrete construction techniques. The addition of this versatile service allows for total safety and quality assurance on complex geotechnical projects when combined with our impressive ground anchoring, civil construction and remote access capabilities.
• Permanent Walls and Decorative Finishes
• Temporary Retaining Works

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Rope / Remote Access

Rope access and the use of remote access equipment has been an integral part of Rock Control since we began trading in 2010. Over three quarters of our staff are trained and qualified in rope access techniques including management and project engineers, with extensive experience carrying out a variety of geotechnical projects in vertical environments. We have completed dozens of projects in Christchurch and throughout NZ that have required all face access to be by rope.
• Rope Access / Abseiling
• Remote Access and Low Headroom

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